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Some of Shooting Star's

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There is something for everyone interested in Victorian living or the old west here

This page was last updated Sept. 14, 1999- Take a look for the new listings!



American Federation of Old West Reenactors - This is a fraternity of highly dedicated, first class reenactors of the old west period. Emphasis is placed on correctness and the fraternal bond. We are proud supporters of these folks and Directors for their Living History Division.

The Annie Oakley Foundation- A fine organization well worth your support. If you want to know the "real" history behind the Annie legend go here.

Reenactors World Plus - Living History links from Roman times to World War II

Old West Living History Foundation - Every gunfighter could use some insurance and here is where to get it.

Single Action Shooters Society - Interested in sharpshooting with the old single action?

Saddles,Tack, and Leather

Old West Saddle Shop - A Wealth of knowledge and some mighty fine saddles plus he's a member of AFOWR. Dave "Tensleep" Matteson, Maker

J.E. Taylor Saddlery - Needing a good saddle for those reenactments? Perhaps a new pair of chaps for ridin' in the brush. Stampede strings for those windy days? Whatever you are looking for try here. First class saddles at very fair prices.

Doug Davis Sidesaddle - Here's the new sidesaddle Doug built for Marna.

Historically Accurate Holsters -Old time tools and methods, produce a fine looking piece of gun leather.

The Military Horse -Not exactly a place to buy tack but some really great photos and articles here.


Marlin firearms - Beautiful guns- quality site. check out whats new, whats still a classic after a hundred years, and the history behind these guns

Navy arms
Cimarron Firearms
- two makers of fine reproduction guns

Antique & Vintage Firearms Network - Worth checking out if you are into antique firearms- some research data

Old Town Station Antique Arms - Ahh- beautiful period weapon, described honestly with as much history as is available, plus some good articles and links for antique gun afficandos

Wagons,Horsedrawn Vehicles,Wheelwrights, Wainrights

E-Mail Werner Wagon Works Real helpful, friendly people, and a fine wheelwright besides. Got a wagon that needs some repair, a broken wheel before you can get on down the trail? Give these folks a holler - No website yet but they've been helpful to us!

Antiques- Treasures from the past

Stitches in Time -Beautiful Original garments from the Victorian Era. Also Vintage clothing. Love their hats! and some excellent dresses!!

Karen Augusta Antique Lace and Fashion -Wonderful things!! Original garments and fabric/laces from the 18th century forward. Must see

Heritage Studio Antique Clothing -A good way to understand reproductions is to look at originals, some lovely things

Bobby Dene's Vintage Clothing -Still more antique clothing

Davenport & Co. -fine vintage clothing

Antique and Vintage Dress Gallery -beautiful pieces here, I love browsing the museum collection

Frontier Americana- Old West Antiques Where else can you get some of the stuff they have here!! A roulette watch, an orignal schofield ammo box? plus guns, Gambling/Saloon items, leather goods and native american items.

Accessories- Finishing Touches for that perfect Costume

Passage Unique Furnishings and Gift items- Monica has some of the most beautiful beaded purses and they are new! That's right you can use them without fear of damage to your precious antiques! Gotta see them ladies!

Cowboy Emporium- Looking for a timepiece-look no further(for ladies and gents)! Also some fine walking sticks, eyeglasses and other assorted accouterments

Looking for gloves?- Read our article on gloves and visit the links listed there!

Parasols- View our Parasol Offerings

E-Mail Accouterments By Lynn String ties, Cravat ties and other small hard to find items.- No website but you can see her handiwork on The Old Dallas Shootists PageDoc is her hubby!

Lands far away imports -Spanish fans, silk shawls and more

Fan Fair -Fans in Sandalwood and Fabric


Past Patterns -My recommendation as the best patterns on the market for accurateness and ease of fit.

Patterns of History -Great site and patterns from the State Historical Society of Wisconsin's Clothing Collection.

Harper House -An online catalog of Patterns and books on costuming in a wide range of eras. Definately worth stopping by.

Amazon Drygoods -Not an online catalog- but the ordering information for their print catalogs- available for patterns, books and shoes of the victorian and other eras in history.

Home-Sew -Make sure to order their catalog. A good source of fringe, cotton lace, shell buttons and more at exceptional prices.

Threads Magazine of particular interest may be their pages on how to construct and inexpensive dressmakers maniquin in the articleClone Yourself a Fitting AssistantThis is a wonderful site and reccomend all seamstress take a look

Costume Source Listings

Victorian Cottage Treasures Cotton and Embroidered net laces, Silk ribbons and more dainty treasures for your clothing

The Lady's Dressmaker Our own book on how to identify and make clothing from 1830's through 1900. We start out with how to make a pattern that fits You! and move through the details from there.

the Kirk Collection Fabrics- Lovely people, very helpful- they carry actual pieces of period fabrics for quilting and reference. Also a line of reprodution cotton fabrics for that special dress.

RJR Fabrics- Look for them in a fabric store near you. Wonderfully researched prints from the 1800's plus new cotton satteen.

Thai Silks- Probably one of the most inexpensive places to buy real silk fabric,besides broadcloth and China silk they have a wide range of other weaves in a rainbow of colors.


SSE Reference Library - Have you checked out the articles we have available? So far Men's vest & shirts, Parasols, gloves, and a general ladies timeline of fashion

Hope Greenburg's Godey's Ladies Book - Good stuff here folks late 1850's era Godey's

Beyond the Fringe a History of the Paisley Shawl by Meg Andrews Wonderful article on dating, use of, and manufacture of the popular paisley shawl

All about Hand Fans with Cynthia Fendel - Basics of fans and collecting them

The Hat Gallery Good period hat information including a bibliography, pictures, and patterns

Lilly Abello's Buttons One person's collection of buttons, tips on collecting and more. Take a look at some buttons of the past.

City Gallery- find your visual ancestry- photographs, perfect for the family historian, a guide to dating photographs

Vintage Pix,Images of Women in the Past Great Photo Gallery dating as far back as the 1860's

Daguerotype Portraits from the Smithsonian - Wow- goes from 1840-1860's

Denver Public Library Old West Photo Collection - Good stuff here- get a look at the old west in photos

Victorian Fashion Page - More good links on more than the victorian era- Lots of picture sites!

Victorian Fashions - Very lovely site, has a time reference guide for identiying clothing, period photos and fashion plates, and some original garments for viewing

Any Place Any Time -An E-zine for the reenactor. Also check out their link library, wow.

The Ladies - 1870's fashion magazine

Second Bustle Era 1880's Part of the Costumer's Manifesto

Victorian Rituals - Delightful manners of the Victorian era- recipes for tea time, language of the fan, what flowers mean, calling cards. Do visit!

How to be a pistolero - A look at getting into old west reenactments by Shadows of the Past-Good starting place folks!

Harlots and Bordellos - yes there was more than one class of saloon girl! An interesting page that defines those shady ladies.

Margie's Victorian Page More web links and suppliers of everything victorian, from antiques to jewelry to houses to online Victorian Magazines.

Clothing and Artifacts Some more suppliers of clothing, accessories and patterns

I am always on the lookout for good pages e-mail me

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