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Kirk Shapland as Cody of the Plains - Buffalo Bill Cody's Days as a Scout and Hunter

Cody of the Plains
also offers Imitation camp meat

Add that touch of authenticity to your Camp with Cody of the Plains Camp meat.

All pieces are of paper mache and sealed with polyeruthane, prices do not include shipping.
We welcome custom orders.

Hanging Buffalo Humps
click on image for larger view

 Hanging Buffalo Humps 

Hanging Buffalo Tongues
click on image for larger view

Back view of hoof

Buffalo Hindquarter

Available in lying(pictured) or in hanging models

Available with or without imitation hoof:

click on images for larger view

Front view of hoof.

Price List
Hanging Buffalo Tongues- $20 each
Hanging Buffalo Humps- $40 each
Buffalo Hindquarter without hoof- $80 each
Hindquarter with Hoof- $100 each

Call 316-397-5796 or E-mail for more information-

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