Buffalo Bill, Buffalo Bill,
Never Missed and Never Will

CODY OF THE PLAINS  --- The Early Life of William F. Cody better Known as Buffalo Bill

Enter the World of W.F. Cody-
Scout/Buffalo Hunter

Kirk Shapland portrays the young William F. Cody- later to become known as Buffalo Bill. Though his Wild West Show was widely known in his later years, His beginnings as a scout and hunter are often overlooked. Watch Cody's early years come to life with this Theatrcially interpetive show. Cody tells of his life on the plains, hunting buffalo, and more Through theatrical
presentations from 15 min. to 1 hour in length. Complete with an optional buffalo hunters camp a piece of history comes vividly to life


Tala Shapland

1870's Officer's wife portrayal- with fully furnished tent

Seamstress of Period Fashion

Step into my Parlour

Victorian Style

P.O. Box 184

Dighton, KS



kirk and Tala at Historic Fort Hays


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